Why buying cheap machinery from China is not recommended?


In recent years, more and more customers will choose the latter between price and quality when they purchasing a machinery from China. But there are also some customers who choose cheap machines in order to be cheap, are they make the right decision? We don’t think so.

Buy cheap machinery: Only happy the moment you win price negotiation.  After machine put into use for some while, it is very likely that no one will be happy. In fact the total cost is not really low for a cheap machine since you already spent lots of time and energy for sourcing, bargaining and importing. But machine didn’t bring quite economic benefit as what to be expected.  Too much sunk cost already accrued at the moment machine cannot do a good job.

Buy good quality machinery: The moment of giving money maybe not happy. But customer will be very happy every day when use it. Especially he will feel especially worthwhile after machine has been worked for many years without any problem occurred. Even if there is a small problem, the manufacturer’s good after-sales service will make him no worries & tension-free.

The premise of an impeccable after-sales service is profit

Every company must survive before offering qualified products and service.  Profits can be reduced appropriately but cannot disappear, with an extremely low price the manufacturer must compromise on quality & service.

For our world-wide color sorter customers, we are unable to not offer the lowest price, but we are devote ourselves to offer the most qualified machine with a reasonable price.  After all, we would rather explain the price issue for a while than apologize for quality issue for a lifetime.


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