What is color sorter machine and how does it work?


What is a color sorter machine?

How does a color sorter work?

The raw material enters the machine from the top hopper(storage hopper). Through the vibration of the vibrator device, the raw material slides down the channel accelerate down into the observation zone in the sorting cabinet and pass between the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of the LED light source, according to the intensity and color change of the light, the output signal of the system is driven to drive the solenoid valve to blow the heterochromatic particles into the waste outlet hopper, and the accepted material continues to fall to the finished product cavity of the acceptation outlet hopper. In order to achieve the purpose of color sorting.

Working Principles

The main components of the color sorter are feed hopper, vibrating feeder, chute, light source, background plate, CCD lens, outlet hopper, nozzle, air compressor, air tank, and filter.

Color Sorter Machine Feeding system

It consists of feeding hopper, vibrating feeder, and chute. Raw material enters into vibrating feeder from the feeding hopper, then automatically be arranged into a series of continuous current line by vibration and a guiding mechanism, and fall to a detection zone at a constant speed after being accelerated by the chute. to ensure that the material is clearly present in the sorting cabinet. The feeding system also controls the capacity of the color sorting machine in addition to the function of providing raw material.T through the adjustment of the vibration amount of the feed hopper flow control plate and the vibration hopper, the control of the output of the color sorter per unit time can be realized.

Optoelectronic system

The Optoelectronic system is the core part of the color sorting machine, which is mainly composed of an LED light source, background plate, CCD lens, and related auxiliary devices. The light source provides stable uniform illumination of the material being tested and the background plate. The CCD lens converts the reflected light of the material to be measured into an electrical signal in the detection area. The background plate provides a reference signal for the electronic control system.

Sorting system

The sorting system consists of accessories such as sorting cabinet, nozzles, air supply. The nozzle has been experimentally proved that the nozzle spacing and the number of nozzles are one of the key factors affecting the accuracy of the color sorter.

Cleaning system

The cleaning system consists of cylinders, glass cleaning brushes, and other components. Because some items come with the dust and other impurities that may adhere to the glass during the color sorting process. Once the dust and impurities are attached to the window glass, the optoelectronic system may cause chain-chain problems such as false detection, which will affect the color sorting accuracy and carryover ratio.

Operating System

The large-screen wide-angle touch screen is used to preset multiple color sorting modes for customers. And establish a friendly man-machine interface, according to the specific conditions of materials convenient and quick to achieve adjustment.

How can a color sorter benefit your business?

Multi Functional

This product can be used in agricultural, grain, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially suitable for rice, tea,  beans, seeds, grains, raisins, plastic, ore, peanut, pepper, and other color sorting field.

High Efficiency

Compared with manual sorting, a color sorter machine is labor saving, time saving, high efficiency with much lower processing cost, it can dramatically improve material accuracy to bring economic and social benefits for customers all over the world.


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