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Rice Color Sorter


Skysorter’s rice sorting machine offers a high sorting accuracy and timely sorting solution to all types of rice . It will automatically remove foreign impurities, broken rice, black spots,mildew, white belly and light yellow rice , and will greatly improve your economic benefit .


rice color sorter working video
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Rice Color Sorter Solves your 3 Headache Problems

Do you know that the quality of a rice color sorting machine differ so much ? Trouble-free and Tension-free by using skysorter’s rice color sorter machine. The innovative rice sorting machine will fix your troubled problems efficiently and accurately.
rice impurities

Foreign Impurities

The CCD camera recongizes the foreign materials and impurities ,the high speed fast responding ejector blows away those impurities simultaneously.

Broken Rice

color sorting, shape sorting and size sorting function enables a definite recognization of small size .

Heterochromatic Rice

54.88 million pixel, super high-resolution full color Toshiba CCD camera, defects as small as 0.01mm2 with up to 99.99% accuracy .

We Makes Rice Sorting More Easier

Join hundreds of Skysorter’s happy customers to produce quality rice and skyrocket your profit . No matter brown rice , parboiled rice, white rice , black rice or long rice , skysorter’s rice color sorter will persent a 99.99% clean for your raw rice. 
rice color sorter for brown rice

Brown Rice

Remove impurities accurately and efficienty

parboiled rice sorting

Parboiled Rice

Reject dark spots, yellow , foreign items

white rice sorting

White Rice

Remove moldy rice, foreign materials, black spot, yellow rice, broken rice

The ideal rice sorting machine for your plant

Skysorter provides a high precision rice sorting solution for all types of rice.  Skysorter’s rice color sorter is designed to separate fine rice with lesions, impurities , broken rice and moldy rice ,which will greatly improve your production efficiency.

2 years of Long time quality warranty 

  • Machine components full inspection before storage.
  • Complete machine quality inspection before delivery. 
  • 48-Hour aging test before packing .
  • 2-YEAR quality warranty since machine working on site .
  • CE & CSA Approval .
  • Fast delivery with factory price .
  • Latest technology with the 5th RGB linescan CCD . 

 Maximized Throughput Capacity

  • 800mm anodize aluminium chute up to 20% bigger capacity .
  • 3.75mm each channel enables bigger capacity .
  • 1ton per hour throughtput capacity for rice sorting .
  • up to 99.99% sorting accuracy .


 Life-long After Sales Serivce

  • Spare parts package for replacement .
  • Regular Phone call customer maintanence. 
  • Appointed after sales expert one-on-one service .
  • Lifetime 7*24H fast response  .

Why Choose Skysorter's Rice Color Sorter Machine ?

Do you know that the quality of a rice color sorting machine differ so much ? 



rice color sorter assembling

Skysorter uses world latest FPGA and famous chips for each machine, fast response , maximize  sorting accuracy rate. 


color sorter wire connection

Other brands’ processing system are out-of-date and slow,  the sorting efficiency is badly affected 



skysorter rice color sorter

Skysorter’s rice color sorter machine is well-designed with beautiful appearance and strong practical .  


other supplier machine

Other brand’s design is out-of-date and difficult for maintance .



color sorter ejector

Skysorter’s rice color sorter uses world-famous  High Frequency low consumption soleniod valve. 


China made ejector

Other brand use 16 nozzles solenoid valves. It’s difficult for replacement and maintance. 



SMC cyclinder

Skysorter uses world famous SMC cyclinder to ensure a smooth cleaning of the glasses, this to help for a better accuracy.


other cyclinder

Other brand use poor quality  cyclinder to cut the cost . It’s stuck and badlly effect final sorting performance. 



SMC filter for color sorter

Skysorter’s rice color sorter machine adapts Japan SMC filter to make sure the clean and dry of air circulation. 


other filter for color sorter

Other brand use second-class filters made in South Korea . The quality is not stable and filtering effect recessing with the time of use. 



color sorter camera

Skysorter’s RGB color sorter adopts a multi-billion pixel high-speed camera, which can  identify the material diameter as small as 0.04 mm



other brands’ color sorters is 20.48 million pixel . It can only reach a 0.08 mm material diameter , the identified color is fuzzy .

Are you Satisfied with the Current Rice Processing Results ?

How much are the problems costing you ? 
Annoyed with Carryout radio?
big carryover radio

Unhappy with clean accuracy ?

not clean rice

Machine not working stable ?

machine not stable

Upset with daily productivity?

poor capacity

All You Need Just a Correct Rice Color Sorter 

Unique Benefits of Skysorter's Rice Color Sorter Machine

We care what you care most buying a rice color sorter machine.
Our vision is to help each client stay at the top of ” The Best Clean Rice Seller’s List” 

Reduced Production Costs


Are you aware that the heavy labor costs, high wastage rate and low processing efficiency is invisibly killing your profits ? 

Skysorter’s rice color sorter enables minimize the reject ratio and optimize the production capacity . Let machine do the works to maximize your profit to defeat yoru competitors smartly . 


Improved Food Safety


The rate of finished rice is the key index between you and your competitors. Each time your competitor upgrates their production line, they are leaving you behind. 

Skysorter’s rice color sorter adopts high defintion industrial CCD camera to identify a material diameter as small as 0.04mm. This can dramatically improves the sorting performance by rejecting all unwanted broken rice, milky rice , moldy rice and foreign materials. Thus improve food safety and improve people’s life quality . 

Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity


If you are troubled by the poor productivity of your current rice mill line , Skysorter’s rice color sorter could be a great helper for you . 

By investing in a rice color sorter machine , you will get more than 10 times production output with 99.99% sorting accuracy . This is one-time investment that bringes you long-term benefit . 

Skysorter’s smallest rice color sorter can brings you 150kg per hour , while the biggest one 10 chute rice color sorter with a capacity 10 ton per hour . 

improve efficiency

Choose Your Own Rice Color Sorter Machine


1 Chute RGB Rice Color Sorter Model No. RM 1

  • Throughput: Capacity:400-600kg/H 
  • Rated Power: < 1.0KW 
  • Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa 
  • Air Consumption: 200-600(L/min) 
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC220-240V,50/60Hz 
  • Weight : 350kg
  • Dimension:1045*1630*1550mm
RM 2 rice color sorter

2 Chute RGB Rice Color Sorter Model No. RM 2

  • Throughput Capacity:1200-2000kg/H
  • Rated Power : < 1.5KW
  • Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Air Consumption: <2000(L/min)
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC220-240V,50/60Hz
  • Weight:600kg;
  • Dimension:1330*1630*1550mm

3 Chute RGB Rice Color Sorter Model No. RM 3

  • Throughput Capacity:2000-3000kg/H
  • Rated Power : < 2.0KW
  • Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Air Consumption: <2000(L/min)
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC220-240V,50/60Hz
  • Weight:800kg
  • Dimension:1700*1630*2030mm

4 Chute RGB Rice Color Sorter Model No. RM 4

  • Throughput Capacity:3000-4000kg/H
  • Rated Power : < 3.0KW
  • Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Air Consumption: <3500(L/min)
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC220-240V,50/60Hz
  • Weight:1000kg
  • Dimension:1830*1630*1550mm

5 Chute RGB Rice Color Sorter Model No. RM 5

  • Throughput Capacity:3000-4000kg/H
  • Rated Power : < 3.0KW
  • Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Air Consumption: <3500(L/min)
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC220-240V,50/60Hz
  • Weight:1300kg
  • Dimension:2300*1630*2030mm
rice color sorter RM 6

6 Chute RGB Rice Color Sorter Model No. RM 6

  • Throughput Capacity:4000-5000kg/H
  • Rated Power : < 3.6KW
  • Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Air Consumption: <3500(L/min)
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC220-240V,50/60Hz
  • Weight:1420kg
  • Dimension:2650*1630*2030mm
rice color sorter RM 8

8 Chute RGB Rice Color Sorter Model No. RM 8

  • Throughput Capacity:5000-7000kg/H
  • Rated Power : < 4.6KW
  • Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Air Consumption: <4000(L/min)
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC220-240V,50/60Hz
  • Weight:1600kg
  • Dimension:3280*1630*2030mm
rice color sorter RM 10

10 Chute RGB Rice Color Sorter Model No. RM 10

  • Throughput Capacity:8000-10000kg/H
  • Rated Power : < 5.5KW
  • Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Air Consumption: <5500(L/min)
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC220-240V,50/60Hz
  • Weight:2020kg
  • Dimension:3900*1630*2030mm

How to choose a rice color sorter ?-Ultimate guide 2021

Paddy rice is inevitably subject to mold and insect damage in the environment where it is harvested and stored, and is also accompanied by the entry of impurities. These off-color particles that are not thoroughly cleaned will not only affect the quality of the rice, but will also be hazardous to human health. In modern society, people are increasingly paying more attention about food safety and quality. The rice and beans we buy in supermarkets are well-processed products. All this can not be done without the participate of color sortermachine, and color sorter machine is also increasingly used in industrial production. If you want to buy a rice color sorter from China, here are few helpful tips for you:


  • What’s rice color sorter?
  • Mechnical structure of rice color sorter
  • Rice color sorter machine working principle
  • The workflow of rice color sorter
  • Important indicators of rice color sorter
  • After sales service


What is a rice color sorter ?

Color sorter is a kind of machinery used for material identification and sorting. For example, the variety of grain, rice and beans are well-processed by the color sorter .After the rice are husked, grain bran and other relatively light impurities, can be sorted out by wind-blowing method, stone seeds and other impurities of apparently large or small size and rice, can be sorted through the screen.However, impurities of similar weight and size, such as rice of unwanted color, moldy latter diseased rice, and stone seeds of the same size, will have to be sorted by color sorting.  That’s why finally we can buy in the supermarket basically no impurities color also basically the same variety of rice.

Mechnical structure of rice color sorter

The main components of the rice color sorter are: feeding hopper, vibrating feeder, chute, light source, background plate, CCD detection lens, discharge hopper, air jet nozzle, air compressor and filter, etc.

Feeding system:

It consists of feeding hopper, vibrating feeder and chute. The raw rice to be sorted enters the vibrating feeder from the feeding hopper, and through the vibration and guiding mechanism, the material is automatically arranged into a continuous row of status quo fine bundles, which are accelerated through the chute and fall to the detection area of optical sorting at a constant speed to ensure that the material is clearly presented in the optical sorting and spraying area. The feeding system provides the color sorter with the raw grain to be sorted and also controls the color sorter output. By adjusting the inlet hopper flow control board and vibrating hopper vibration amount, the output of the color sorter can be controlled per unit time. China’s vast territory, some places due to air humidity will occur when the rice along the chute slide and chute stick or stick to each other phenomenon, affecting the accuracy of color sorting, so the chute slide to be able to enter the rice within its heating and drying function.

Photoelectric system:

photoelectric system is the core part of the color sorter, mainly composed of light source, background plate, CCD lens and related auxiliary devices. The light source provides stable and uniform illumination for the measured material and the background plate. The experimental results show that the blue LED light source as the best lighting source, CCD lens will detect the area (detection area for the sealed matte dark box, in order to prevent stray light into the CCD lens, affecting the accuracy) within the measured material of the reflected light into electrical signals. The background plate provides the reference signal for the electric control system, whose reflective characteristics are basically equivalent to those of the qualified products, while the differences with the rejects are large.


Sorting system:

The sorting system is composed of accessories such as discharge bin, jet valve, air compressor and air filter purifier. As the kinetic energy of the rice material is large after the high-speed nozzle spray, the space of the discharge bin should be large enough and there are shock absorption measures in the contact part of the material and the discharge bin. Prevent the rice from rebounding into the CCD lens detection area for the second time after hitting the discharge bin, causing the phenomenon of misfiring. Pneumatic nozzle has been experimentally proven that the size of the nozzle interval and the number of nozzles is one of the key factors affecting the accuracy of the color sorter.

Cleaning system:

cleaning system consists of cylinder, glass wiper and other components. As the rice in the color sorting process will produce dust and other impurities easily attached to the glass. Once too much dust and impurities are attached to the window glass, through the window glass to tea materials for sorting detection of the photoelectric system will be easy to produce chain chain problems such as false detection. Lightly, the color sorting accuracy, color sorting with out the ratio of the impact, or cause frequent work of the jet nozzle, reduce the life of the nozzle and control system set burned nozzle control system. Glass wiper is installed on the cylinder, by the general control system according to the preset time by controlling the cylinder valve switch to push the cylinder piston slide to achieve the effect of dust impurities on the glass cleaning at regular intervals.

Operating system:

Adopt large screen wide view color touch operation platform, preset multiple color selection modes for customers. And to establish a friendly human-machine interface, according to the specific situation of rice materials easy and quick to achieve adjustment.

Color Sorter Working Principle

 The color sorter is a device that uses photoelectric detection technology to automatically sort out the different-colored particles in the granular materials according to the difference of the optical properties of the materials.   The working principle of the color sorter is that the raw materials enters the color sorter from the hopper at the top, and through the vibration of the vibrator device, the selected material slips along the channel, accelerates down into the observation area in the sorting chamber, and passes between the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of the light source, according to the intensity of light and color changes, so that the system produces output signals to drive the solenoid valve to work blowing out the different-color particles blowing to the waste cavity of the receiving hopper, and the good selected materials continue to fall to the finished product cavity of the receiving hopper, so as to select the other purpose.

Important indicators of color sorting machine.

Sorting Accuracy

The main purpose of the color sorter is to select high-quality materials; therefore, the sorting accuracy is one of the main technical indicators to evaluate the performance of the color sorter.

The sorting accuracy is the ratio of the quality of the material after sorting and the quality of the sampled qualified product after the removal of foreign-colored particles, expressed as a percentage. The industry standard is: 2% impurity rate, the selection of net rate ≥ 99.9%.

Rejection rate.

Rejection rate refers to the material after color sorting of its rejection of foreign-colored particles and color sorting before the ratio of foreign-colored particles contained in mixed grains, expressed as a percentage. Under the same circumstances, the higher the rejection rate means that the cleaner the sorting performance, the better the effect of rice color sorter.

The carry-out ratio.

The carry-out ratio is mainly the ratio of the different-colored particles in the reject and the qualified rice particles brought out in the reject. High ratio is better, but usually reduces the accuracy and yield, generally the greater the processing output, the greater the take-out ratio. The users can do adjustment on this indactor according to actual situation.


Color sorter sensitivity index is generally not clearly defined in the contract, only as one of the consideration when choosing a equipment or  suppliers. In the case of a certain flow, the higher the sorting accurary of the color sorter, the higher the sensitivity of the color sorter, rather than just rely on the increased sensitivity to complete .


the color sorter works at an ambient temperature of more than 50 degrees, the extreme point of the winter minus 30 degrees, more than 70 degrees in summer. The lamp is installed in a closed lamp box, its own heat and the ambient temperature superimposed. (For example, Southeast Asia and Africa) there is a slight jitter, the need for the light source in the length of the direction, the brightness fluctuations between any two points does not exceed 2.5% of the average, 5000 hours of brightness decay does not exceed 6%, while the need for stable work for more than 3 years. At the same time, because there are several thousand LED beads on a machine, this thing is not very easy to break, but in this environment, as long as a bad one, it is possible to have an impact on the overall effect.

After Sales Service

The color sorter is a high-precision industrial machinery that requires routine maintenance and care during use to extend its working life. In case of malfunction during use, the manufacturer needs to be contacted for repair. The main wearing parts of the color sorter are spray valve, circuit board, filter, etc. The majority of suppliers in the market today offer a one-year warranty, and the damaged parts can be replaced free of charge during the warranty period. There are a few suppliers that offer a 2 year warranty.

Previously, the color sorter’s after-sales engineers can go to the customer’s site for installation and commissioning, but now due to the epidemic. All suppliers are unable to go to the site debugging, for conventional color sorting materials, through remote video guidance can complete the basic settings of the machine. Thus, it is convenient for customers to use.


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