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Beans, also called pulses sometimes,  Pulses undergo several primary and secondary processes such as dehulling, puffing, grinding and sorting prior to their consumption.

As a leading color sorter machine manufacturer in China, SKY is capable of manufacturing color sorters for all varieties of beans without compromise to accuracy, efficiency and stability. We can sort beans, lentils, grams and peas, of different sizes and origin, in all forms, splits and whole, with or without skin.

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  • Coffee Bean Accepted

    green coffee bean accepted
    green coffee bean rejected

    Coffee Bean Rejected

  • Lentils Accepted

    S03 2 img2 1
    lentils rejected

    Lentils Rejected

  • Chickpea Accepted

    chickpea accepted
    chickpea rejected

    Chickpea Rejected

  • Chana dal accepted

    chana dal accepted
    chana dal rejected

    Chana dal Rejected


  • S04 High Accuracy icon 1

    High Accuracy, Low Carryover Rate

    SKY beans color sorters GM Series has a carryover rate as low as 15:1 while with a sorting accuracy of more than 99.99%.

  • S04 Sorting Consistency icon

    Sorting Consistency

    The design of SKY optical sorters helps maintain their performance, in the long term. The sealed optical zone ensure that all components are kept clean and dust free, avoiding the associated reduction in performance, which results in sorting stability.

  • S04 On Site Technical Support icon

    On-Site Technical Support

    On-Site Technical Support

  • S04 One Key Operation icon

    One-Key Operation

    The newly developed One- Key Intelligent Operation System from SKY is extremely easy to use. you’re done at the touch of a button.

  • S04 Competitive Prices icon 3

    Competitive Prices

    Manufacturing in China, we can reduce labor costs without compromising the stability and accuracy of SKY optical sorters.

  • S04 Warranty icon 3


    Within the one-year warranty period, if quality issues occur, spare parts for replacement to be delivered within 24H. Professional on-site repair is free

  • GM
  • WS
  • GMI

GM Series Color Sorter

GM Series RGB Color Sorter adopts the latest one key intelligent operation system; Operators are available to set the area of the material color, shape, size and defect by themselves and confirm the rejected material. Thus machine can automatically set the sorting solution of the material according to the independent calculating, intelligent recognition and intelligent sorting principles with one key intelligent control technology.

GM Series RGB Color Sorter machine can be wildly used to sort kinds of beans and grains

Color Sorter Machine GM12.jpg

WS Series Wind Sorter

Wind sorter is one kind of gravity separator, which is an important part of seed cleaning line. SKY WS series wind sorter machine is specially designed to separate raw items into heavy, medium, light and dusty with a completely uniform air flow. With machine body be made of SS 304, It is wildly used in precise sorting need of kinds of seeds and grains, which  increase the germination rate by 15-20%.

Color Sorter Machine WS

GMI Series Infrared Color Sorter

The infrared technology has made the sorting performance of the color sorter more widely used. SKY GMI infrared color sorter has a sharp recognition on infrared-sensitive materials such as transparent items, plastics and non-metal particles, as well as particles of different colors, sizes, shapes and even different physical properties. It is wildly used for kinds of rice and nuts.

Color Sorter Machine GMI10


color sorter working principle

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