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Support Rack

To make sure a consistent high performance with artistic appearance as well as long service time, we do mechanical welding by ourselves by using world-famous laser cutting machine for an A-grade quality control. Only in this way we require our workers to do welding & assembly every part strictly according to the drawing and double-check every time.

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Circuit Board Processing

With our own production facility such as YAMAHA chip mounter machine , we are able to control product quality of the circuit boards and wires, which ensures SKY sorting machines' longer service life.

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Solenoid valve machining

The performance of the solenoid valve plays a key role in the performance of the color sorter. We manufacture the solenoid valve ourselves to ensure the high quality of the valve, long service life, easy maintenance and low after-sales cost.

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Air System & Air Module Device

The air system consists of main filter, moisture filter and pressure gauge. We use SMC filters for sky high-end machines.

The air module consists of electromagnetic valve and air system, which are connected by gas pipe. During this stage, our worker must pay attention to the connection, ensuring there will not be any air leak.

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Wire Assembly

High sorting accuracy is guaranteed not only by using high-end components like industrial grade full color CCD camera, world first class processor and sensor, but also by ensuring that all details are well controlled. We do wire-connection and terminal assembling by ourselves and request every electrical wire is distributed neat and beautiful.

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Lighting Device

Part of sorting device, the lighting device is one important part of color sorter machine as it directly working on sorting accuracy. Advanced & adjustable LED light source ensure the accurate obtaining. Special LED radiator makes it long term using with less energy consumption.

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Whole Machine Assembly

During this stage, we are to put every device into a working sorter machine. Before proceeding, SKY workers will check every part to make sure that it's exactly the same as the technical drawing, and then clean each unit to ensure the functionality and appearance. The CCD camera must absolutely free of dust and the nozzle device is installed correctly.

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All Sky color sorting machine must be tested before shipping to our customers. The testing includes: Parameter Setting

  • • Functionality
  • • Noise
  • • Appearance
  • • Sample sorting test
  • • Insulation

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