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Skysorter’s MINI color sorter is specially designed for small farms , cafes, labs and small rice mill as well as small grain mill factories. It can helps you to improve efficiency , save cost and increase your profit. 

Affordable Mini Color Sorter to Help Your Business


Whether you are small farm owner, coffee shop owner, lab member, or home user. As long as you have the need for color sorting, and don’t want a big capaicty color sorter which costs much more budget and big place to put . A mini color sorter will be the right choice for you . It is low cost , small footprint, small output and easy to operate. A mini color sorter with 32 channel that gives only half of the capacity of the one chute machine , but with 99.99% sorting accuracy and high efficiency . It is a great helper for your business. 

Mini Color Sorter


Skysorter’s mini color sorter is designed for users with small capacity need. It can do color sorting and shape sorting at the same time , to separate items by color and size simultaneously. 


mini color sorter cover
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Mini Sorter,Great Use


Skysorter’s mini sorter is the smallest RGB color sorter we offer. It is the intelligent multi-purpose color sorting machine that can be used widely for many different iterms, like rice , beans, pulses, grains etc. 

Machine Model SS 32
Chute No. 32
Capacity (kg/H) 150-350
Sorting Accuracy(%) 99.99
Rated Power(KW) 0.3
Power Supply 110-260V 50/60Hz
Weight 300kg

Wild applications of mini color sorter

Food Industry

Food Industry

Skysorter's mini color sorter can be used to sort rice, multi grains, beans, pulses . Whether your raw material is black rice , parboiled rice, brown rice, wheat , peanut or tomato seeds. It can be sorted to achieve a 99.99% clean by the mini color sorter.

cafe shop

Cafe Owner

If you are running a cafe. Congratulations ! Skysorter's mini sorter will be your secret weapon to increase at least 30% profit. More and more coffee shop owners are using the mini sorter to process coffee beans rather than buy the finished beans from market. This is a smart way to drop down your cost as well as improve your margin.

Industrial Use

Industrial Use

In the industrial field, the mini color sorter is also widely used. It can be used to color sort plastic chips, plastic granules,separate copper and aluminum by color , etc. It can also be used to separate pearls.

Lab Study

Lab Study

There is no need to purchase a big color sorter if you are only testing and analyzing the quality of seeds. A mini color sorter is perfectly suited to your needs. The machine can gives a capacity from 50-100kg per hour for seeds sorting.

We produce Each Mini Sorter Wholeheartedly


Why skysorter's mini color sorter Different?


With over 14 years of experience in the indusry, we have never compromised on quality. Delivering reliable MINI color sorting machines to our customs has always been our philosophy.


processing systemSkysorter’s mini color sorter with intelliagent and efficient processing system. Fast response and sunstainable upgrates. It is the latest technology that can be used to sort many different kinds of items in one machine.


color sorter wire connection

Other suppliers’ operating system is out of date , and cannot be continuously updrated. It’s complex to operate and heard to learn . Which have high technical requirement on the machine operators. 


color sorter LED lighting

Germany Osram LED lighting chips. Stable and durable for long time use. Adjustable LED lighting source to identify the material as the actual color.


LED lighting

Other brands with black & white lighting source which cannot be adjusted to adapt for different color of items. The sorting accuracy will be affected after long time use. Costly for replacement .


Matrix ejector skysorterSolenoid valve is one of the most important parts of the mini color sorter . Skysorter’s mini color sorter use Italy imported Matrix 9-nole solenoid valve to ensure high efficiency and stablility.It can perfectly matches the needs of the color sorter. Good sealing can isolate dust and no air leakage. Ensure long term efficient use.


China made ejector

Other suppliers are using China made ejector which is hard to repair and difficult for maintance . These kinds of solenoid valves commonly have bad sealing problem. Once the air leakage it will directly affect the sorting efficiency . Also easily enter the dust , resulting in the warning of the LED lighting. 


schneider contactor

Skysorter’s mini sorter adatps world famous top quality electrical components to ensure the highest quality and long term durability . You will be trouble-free even after 10 years use. 


china contactor

Other suppliers use cheap electrical components which will be easily bring you kinds of problems during the time. This will cost you much more for replacement and repair in the near future. 

How mini color sorter benefits you?


Enhanced Productivity


When the mini color sorter replace manual labor, you can free yourself to enjoy more time with family . No more labor costs, no more headaches with workers taking time off. A machine working for one hour is equal to four labor work for 10 hours. 


Improved Food Safety


No more moldy rice, no impurities, no off-color particles. You will get a higher return from your rice. After color sorting , the grains are free from pests and diseases and healthier for humans. 

Reduced Production costs


The latest generation of skysorter’s mini color sorter helps you get rid of outdated processing methods, improve your core cometencies and set you apart from your competitors. 


Skysorter's Services Always go Extra Mile


OEM &ODM Available

Whether you want to have your own logo printed on the macine or want to customize your own color for the machine, we can help you .

min color sorter delivery

Flexible Logistics

In addition to normal sea and air freight services. We also provide door-to-door service. No matter you have experience in importing , we can help on all procedures for you . It's totally FREE.

mini color sorter accessory

One-stop Delivery

We offer the auxiliaries for the mini color sorter machine . You will be able to get complete package including the air compressor, working platform , feeding hopper and the elevators .

Agents Welcome


Retail the mini color sorter machine is a good business with handsome profits. We are looking for international agents for our mini sorter machine . If you are interested in selling this machine in your country ,please feel free to contact us for details. Both commission-based agents and authorized agents are welcome . You will get unparalleled support and benefits .

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Extensive Marketing Support

With skysorter, you will get the latest product as well as industry information .


Instant Technical Support

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Stable Prices

After sign the dealership agreement, we guarantee that the price will remain the same for the duration of the agreement, regardless of cost changes in raw materials and exchange rates.

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Free Website Design

Skysorter offer free webisite building sevice for our parnters and agents. We will help you to do marketing and sales together.

Mini Color Sorter: The Definitive Buying Guide 2021

Mini-sorter color machines are hi-tech machines used to remove impurities and defects using color differentiation. It is also used to separate materials and objects of different types and qualities based on color. Mini-color sorter is the ideal machine for sorting materials for high quality and is also ideal for small farms, plots, and small processing plants. 

It is also ideal for shop owners, sellers of grains, plastics, and minerals, who want to have a serviceable and available mini sorter at their disposal. Mini sorter machines are easy to use and have become more popular worldwide. 

Chapter 1: Why do you need a mini color sorter machine? 


The mini color sorter is an optoelectronic sorting device that rejects the unwanted material according to their color difference. It also separates according to type and variety. It can dramatically improve your efficiency, save your production cost and enhance our food safety. You will get 99.99% clean grain by color sorting.

The reason for this is that materials should be of the best quality. Take coffee, for instance. You have to make sure that coffee grains are of premium quality. Coffee grains that are of subpar quality will not taste best. 

If you have a coffee shop or have a resto, a coffee with subpar quality will affect your coffee business. The same thing goes with other businesses, whether we are talking of grains, minerals, ores, plastic, or anything that needs to be cleansed, differentiated, and separated for quality.

You have to be sure that you only have the best products, the best materials. The mini color sorter machine can do that for you. 

Chapter 2: How does the mini sorter color machine work?


Sorting is one of the last steps in processing the material, whether grains, minerals, or plastic. In large milling plants, the machine prepares the material and feeds it to the machine for sorting. 

However, in a mini sorter color machine, you can manually prepare the material and directly feed it into the machine. Mini-color sorters are smaller versions of large color sorting machines. You can put the material into a container and bin and pour it directly into the hopper.

The machine has sensors that will detect variations in color. Materials going down and into the machine will pass through the sensors. The sensors will analyze whether the materials must be kept or ejected based on colors.  

The sensors then will send signals to the signal processor. The signal processor is a device that will then decide which materials are for ejection and which are for keeping. Suppose the material that passes through the sensors are not seeds, stones, or other impurities, in short.

 In that case, the signal processor will tell the ejector to let it pass. Those are varieties and types of grains, minerals, or plastic that are for keeping. 

On the other hand, if they are impurities or other materials deemed unhealthy for keeping, the signal processor will send signals to the ejector. The machine will eject the material as it passes through the ejector. 

The compressed air into the machine is released once the signal processor sends signals to eject. The valve will open, and air will pass through the ejector, ejecting the material as it passes.

Chapter 3: What are the advantages of the mini-sorter over other color sorting machines?


If you are engaged in trades or industries mentioned above, you will need a color sorting machine. Color sorting machines are probably the best technology you could ever use for sorting materials. They are easy to use and uses advanced technology. It makes them more reliable than primitive technology or even some advanced technology. 

The size of color sorting machines, however, depends on your need. Large plantations, mills, and those engaged in large-scale industries use large color sorting machines because that is what they need. If you are engaged in small farming, small-scale mining, or other industries, you may use a mini color sorter machine. 

Mini sorter color machines are best, especially if you want the machine moved from one part of your plot or farm to another. It is more economical, more viable for small-scale trade. You can move it or transfer it anywhere, quickly, and without hassle. Unlike big color sorting machines, you can move it anywhere you need it in no time at all. 


Chapter 4: What types of material can be sorted by the mini color sorter? 

Here are some of the materials that could be sorted using a mini-color sorter: 

Mini-color sorters could sort all rice varieties like polished white rice, black rice, and brown rice parboiled rice. It also removed other rice that is crushed, uncooked, or overcooked, and unhusked. It also removes other impurities like seeds, husks, grass, and stones that was included in the harvested rice. 

Other types of grain that could be sorted are wheat, barley, oats, rye, and millet. They are also sorted according to color and ejected if they contain discoloration due to toxins, infestation, and other defects. 

There are several types of beans that you need to sort for impurities and for better quality. Among these are black beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas or garbanzos, great northern beans, kidney beans. 

Beans have different purposes and use, and you sort them accordingly to suit those purposes. The machine sorts them for discoloration, seeds, stones, and other impurities. 

  •  Nuts

 All of us are familiar with nuts: peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, pistachios, and others. Food companies use them as ingredients in ice cream, cake, chocolates, and other desserts. 

Sorting them is crucial to make sure that only high-quality nuts are present in food processing. It ensures the overall quality of food products.

  • Ores

 Ores are minerals clumped together. They are usually mined, and the end products are used as ornaments, jewelry, or components in electrical parts or gadgets. As ore minerals undergo production, they are sorted to purge impurities for better quality and differentiation. 

Examples of ores are gold, nickel, other types of metal like iron, aluminum, and copper. There are also sand ores. They are sediment deposits that are sources of titanium, tungsten, and other rare metals. Other sediment deposits are sources of precious gems such as diamonds, sapphire, and others. 

  • Plastics

 Industries collect and recycle plastic to use it again in production or industrial process. But of course, you have to differentiate plastics to know which are suitable for whatever purpose the industry has. Some are big, some are small, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Mini sorters are efficient in separating plastics according to this. 

Chapter 5: Fundamental parts of the mini- color sorter machine

  •  The hopper

The hopper is a hollow tube or pipe that connects the rice from a container or a section of the mill to the rice color sorting machine. It has an opening where the grains initially pass as it makes its way to the machine. You feed the grains to this section as the first step in sorting your rice.

  •  The vibratory feeder

The vibratory feeder is the section where the rice grains move after you feed them to the hopper. In this section, the material moves, using vibration and gravity, in a controlled manner. The vibration allows the grains to be spread evenly in a belt. It allows the machine to spread the grains thinly as it moves further through the sorting machine.

  •  Chutes

A chute is a slope, moving apparatus in a sorting machine used to move material from the top. It has a belt conveyor that transfers the rice grain smoothly and efficiently from the vibratory feeder to the grain receptacles.

  • Light source

It could be lamps or other bulbs stored at an angle inside the machine, and all grains pass through the light source. It allows the machine to detect impurities and varieties of rice grains.

The light source is positioned in a way that could put light to every grain moving down from the chutes. So it is located both above and below the sensors. It ensures that everything will be covered and that sensors have the necessary lighting to assess every rice grain. It ensures that every grain could be subjected to assessment and kept or ejected depending on color.

Light sources are using LED technology for easier color detection. It leads to more efficiency in recognizing type, quality, variety, and defects in rice grains.

  •  Sensors

Sensors are installed between the light source. The positioning ensures that they have the proper angle to assess grains as they move from the chutes down.

Sensors contain cameras and lens equipped with a CCD sensor system. The system reacts to particle and photon charges generated by light and color. It creates a pattern, a copy of which is sent to the signal processor. It is this digital copy that the signal processor interprets to give instructions to the ejector.

  •  Signal processor

A signal processor receives signals from sensors and sends signals to the ejector. These signals are interpreted and analyzed by sensors. Based on these signals, the signal processor will instruct the ejector to open the valve or not.

In our sorting machine, the specific signals received from the sensors are colors. Based on colors, the device will interpret the data and make conclusions about the variety of rice grains. It will then send signals to the ejector to move the rice grains to the appropriate tube, hollow, or receptacle for that rice variety.

  • Ejector

Known technically as solenoid valve, the ejector is responsible for differentiating rice grains. It received signals from the signal processor to move or not and pushed grains into a particular compartment.

Ejector does its job through air compression in the sorting machine. As the signal to “eject” is received, the air is released, blowing rice grains through particular compartments. Signal processors will send electric charges to the ejector, allowing it to open or shut.

The ejector is connected to an air compressor. The air is released as the valve opens, blowing grains into compartments depending on the color determined by the sensors and processed by the signal processor.

Chapter 6: What are the auxiliaries of a mini-color sorter?

Auxiliaries parts are essential to make sure that the mini-color sorter work at its optimum best. Auxiliaries are not part per se of the machine but must be used or installed to make sure that the machine works to its total capacity. 

Here are the auxiliaries of a mini-color sorter: 

  •  Source of electricity/generator 

You need an energy source to run the equipment. So you must have a steady and stable supply of electricity to make sure that the sorting does not ground into a halt. If you need to bring the machine to the field where there is no electricity, you can have a generator to run the machine. 

  •  Air compressor 

Have an air compressor that perfectly suits your mini-color sorter. It must be oil and water-free to make sure that it works perfectly well with your mini-color sorter. 

Chapter 7: Where to buy a mini-color sorter? 

Mini color sorter machines are specialized equipment, and they need advanced technology and high-quality materials to work at optimum level. So you have to be sure that you only buy from the best in the market. 

Several websites offer mini-sorter machines at different prices. To make sure that you only buy from the best: look at the website’s credentials. Websites that sell mini-sorters are usually those engaged in this kind of machinery and technology.

So be wary if a website sells mini-color sorters alongside other things such as cellphones, televisions, or gadgets. At best, those websites are just marketers for those who genuinely sell the equipment. 

It will be best if you go directly to the seller. Contact them if they have a website to ensure that you get the best machine for the best price. 

Some manufacturers are also better than others. Due to significant advances in technology and scientific knowledge, China has been at the forefront of mini-color sorter machine production. They produced the best in the world. Their color sorting machines, from big ones to mini-color sorters, are in demand throughout the globe. 

It is better that you buy your mini-color sorter machine manufacturers that have a proven track record. Not only can they guarantee its efficiency, but they also provide you the needed knowledge to operate it and knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot. If ever, their personnel might help you fix problems if it arises. 

Chapter 8: What’s the price of a mini color sorter? 

Prices will depend on the specifications of the machine, as well as the credentials of the manufacturers. Usually, though, a mini color sorter machine price will range from $5,000 to $11,000.  But some could go as high as $15,000.

It also depends on what kind of mini color sorter machines you are going to buy. Small rice color machines, for example, are available in great numbers. They are cheaper compared to other mini-color sorting machines. 

Chapter 9: How to import a mini-color sorter machine from China? 

China is the leading producer of all types of color sorting machines, including mini-color sorter ones. To import from China, you have to contact the leading manufacturers and exporters. They will inform you of the amount, the shipping, how long it will take to deliver the machine. 

They will also inform you about the terms and conditions of the payment. They might offer several modes of payment to you. They will also talk to you about the warranty and other aspects of the transaction like possible surcharges from your mother country or the possibility of giving you a discount. 

Chapter 10: How Long Does It Take to Ship the mini-sorting machine for parboiled rice?

It depends on location. Delivering in other countries may be easy or difficult owing to different restrictions every country has with regards to shipment and trade policies. most however, always make sure that they deliver the equipment the soonest possible time.

For those who are going to import their mini-color sorters from China, it usually takes two weeks to ship them to your country. Again it depends on location. To those that are located in the West, United States of America or Europe for instance, this is the usual waiting period for the machine to arrive.

But to some countries which are nearer, nearby Asian countries for instance, or those which are in the same region, the waiting period is shorter. It could arrive from three days till at least a week.

All of this are based on assumptions that everything is in order: license, payment, and whatever paper works that needed to be provided are already in place. Remember that we are alsi in the midst of a pandemic, and this might complicate matters.

But two weeks to a month is already a safe bet.

Chapter 11: How to operate the mini color sorter machine? 

You have to set-up first the mini-color sorter machine. By setting up, we mean that you must put everything in place. Mini-sorter color machines are unlike those big color sorter ones. They are easy to operate, and thus, also easy to install and set up to begin with.

All mini-color sorter machines have an instructional manual that will guide you on setting it up and operating it. It comes with the package. The manual is for everyone, so skilled and non-skilled operators can follow the instructional manual. The manual could guide anyone. 

The instructional manual will contain instructions, from preparing the material to properly putting it in the hopper. There are instructions on how to use the interface and the signals and things you must look at to check if the machine is working at an optimum.

Chapter 12: How to maintain the mini-color sorter? 

There are two ways to maintain the machine: to clean it properly and store it properly.

Here are the ways to properly clean a mini-color sorter machine. 

12.1Cleaning Tips

 Disassemble the parts carefully. Apply gently to the parts a soft, damp cloth soaked in warm water or alcohol. After which, put the parts back to their proper places.

Do not use materials like wool or scrapers. Avoid using strong acids for cleaning. They might cause damage to the parts of your machine, while rough objects may scratch the surfaces.

12.2 Storage, Usage, and Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect all parts now and then. Talk to expert engineers if you notice any problems. Take note of unusual blinking signals and unnecessary noises.
  • Put oil temperature and air pressure at normal levels.
  • Shut down the machine when not in use. Drain the water from the air compressor. 
  •      Don’t let the water sit in for days. Stagnant water may attract pests and bacteria.
  • Use an airpower spray to clean the insides of the machine, especially the ejectors. Don’t blow the air towards the nozzle. The air spray can help you remove small particles that are stuck inside the sorting box.
  • Check the filters weekly.
  • Compressor oil should be replaced every six months.



Mini Sorter Color machines are best for all types of sorting materials. You can sort agricultural products such as grains, cereals, beans and nuts, minerals, metals and other precious materials, and industrial products such as plastics.

It is an excellent tool for production efficiency, ensuring that only high-quality materials will emerge from your production site and that high-quality ones will make their way to your store or the market. Sorting ensures that materials are of the finest grade, highest quality, and of the first order. 

To ensure this, you have to order from reliable manufacturers. Manufacturers from China are the best, and they have the most advanced technology and scientific knowledge in making mini-color sorters. You can contact manufacturers from China, keep in touch with them, ask them relevant questions, and order the machines from them.

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