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We provide optical sorting solutions for seed processors who demand the highest standards of seed quality, with a focus on maximizing yields; cleaning and germination.

SKY RM Series Color sorters use ultra high resolution line scan cameras to inspect the seeds to be sorted. The advanced image processing technology gives higher level of defect detection which leads to efficient sorting.

SKY is trusted by customers with different kinds of seeds such as sesame, flax seeds, spina date seeds, lotus seeds, cumin seeds, onion seeds, anis seeds , sunflower seeds, frnugreek , tomato seeds, chilli , brinjal seeds, carrot seeds, pepper, perilla seeds, hemp seeds , psyllium seeds and chiaseed

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  • Spina Date seed Accepted

    Spina Date seed Accepted
    Spina Date seed Rejected

    Spina Date seed Rejected

  • Pumpkin Seeds Accepted

    S03 3 img2
    S03 3 img1

    Pumpkin Seeds Rejected

  • Chilli Seeds Accepted

    S03 2 img2
    S03 2 img1

    Chilli Seeds Rejected

  • Black Cumin Seeds Accepted

    Black Cumin Seeds Accepted
    Black Cumin Seeds Rejected

    Black Cumin Seeds Rejected


  • High Accuracy

    Utilizing top of the line Full-Colour RGB cameras, SKY RM Series RGB color sorter are able to sort seeds at an accuracy rate of 99.99%

  • Consistent Performance

    For maximum stability, the system maintains a constant temperature in key areas, for operation in extreme ambient temperature ranges.

  • Full-Scale Technical Support

    Once your machine arrives, a specific team of engineers will be assigned to your factory to take care of the installation and calibration. Easily-worn parts are provided with the color sorter machine. Within the one-year warranty period, any on-site repair is free.

  • Easy to Operate

    SKY’s newly developed One-Key Intelligent Operation System is extremely easy to operate. One press, you are all set.

  • Competitive Prices

    Based in China, we can reduce labor cost without sacrificing the stability and accuracy of SKY color sorters.

  • RM
  • TS
  • WS

RM Series RGB Color Sorter

SKY RM Series RGB Color Sorter Machine utilizes High Definition full color 5400+Pixels CCD image sensor with the fourth generation ALTERA Cyclone IV FPGA and DSP image processing system, which sharply promoted  processing speed, ensure the best output performance.

With the latest sorting technology, RM series RGB Color Sorter Machine can be used to sort different types of rice and seeds. One single machine is available to fulfill second sorting and third sorting at the same time. Reduce the carryover ratio and maximize the application value for worldwide end –users.

Color Sorter Machine RM12

TS Series Color Sorter

The TS series Tea Color Sorter is available in two-layer and three-layer structure, which adopts an integrated design of the sorting cabinet and the electrical cabinet. This mechanical-Electrical integration design results in a more   stable overall mechanical structure, much longer machine service life and making the maintenance much easier.

The first layer and second layer can be set color or shape independent sorting as well as color + shape combination sorting mode. The third layer provides a more accurate sorting mode to meet different needs.

Color Sorter Machine T3S6

WS Series Wind Sorter

Wind sorter is one kind of gravity separator, which is an important part of seed cleaning line. SKY WS series wind sorter machine is specially designed to separate raw items into heavy, medium, light and dusty with a completely uniform air flow. With machine body be made of SS 304, It is wildly used in precise sorting need of kinds of seeds and grains, which  increase the germination rate by 15-20%.

Color Sorter Machine WS


color sorter working principle

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