Rice Sorting


Rice processing begins in a milling plant, where the paddy is cleaned, hulled, husked, de-stoned, graded and whitened. It then is taken to the color sorter machine to separate heterochromatic granular materials.

Color sorters can deliver premium quality and appearance on all varieties of rice. SKY RM Series RGB Color sorter can easily be switched between modes, programmed to sort different variants of rice such as basmati rice, brwon rice, red rice, black rice, jasmine rice, white rice , parboiled rice at an accuracy of 99.99%.

rice before after sorting

Impressive Sorting Applications


Brown Rice Accepted

Parboiled Rice Accepted

Red Rice Accepted

White Rice Accepted

Brown Rice Rejected

Parboiled Rice Rejected

Red Rice Rejected

White Rice Rejected

Why Choose Sky Color Sorters


High Accuracy

Utilizing cutting-edge sorting technologies such as artificial intelligence technology and shape sorting function, SKY CCD Color sorters are able to sort rice at an accuracy rate of 99.99%.

Stable Performance

By using high-quality parts from known brands like Toshiba, Altera, SMC, Schneider and more, SKY color sorters are capable of long time years working and delivering consistent results.

Full-Scale Technical Support

Once your machine arrives, a specific team of engineers will be assigned to your factory to take care of the installation and calibration. A free-training to your operator will be offered simultaneously.

Easy to Operate

SKY’s newly developed One-Key Intelligent Operation System is extremely easy to operate. One press, you are all set.

Competitive Prices

Based in China, we offer a very reasonable price without sacrificing the stability and accuracy of SKY color sorters.


Within the one-year warranty period, if quality issues occur, spare parts for replacement to be delivered within 24H. Professional on-site repair is free.

RM Series RGB Color Sorter

SKY RM Series RGB Color Sorter Machine utilizes High Definition full color 5400+Pixels CCD image sensor with the fourth generation ALTERA Cyclone IV FPGA and DSP image processing system, which sharply promoted  processing speed, ensure the best output performance.

With the latest sorting technology, RM series RGB Color Sorter Machine can be used to sort different types of rice and seeds. One single machine is available to fulfill second sorting and third sorting at the same time. Reduce the carryover ratio and maximize the application value for worldwide end –users.

GMI Series Infrared Color Sorter

The infrared technology has made the sorting performance of the color sorter more widely used. SKY GMI infrared color sorter has a sharp recognition on infrared-sensitive materials such as transparent items, plastics and non-metal particles, as well as particles of different colors, sizes, shapes and even different physical properties. It is wildly used for kinds of rice and nuts.

How does it work?


Milled rice mixture are put into a hopper on top of the machine, from which it flows down along chutes in the color sorter, be scanned by CCD sensors. When the camera detects any color or size defects, it instructs ejectors fitted in the machine to open the nozzle, where compressed air is used to shoot out the defected material from the input rice.

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color sorter working principle