Nuts Sorting


Due to size difference and easy breakage of nuts, the use of chute-type color sorters often cannot achieve a satisfactory performance, as the chute is designed according to the similar size and shape of raw material, for those materials with big size difference cannot be applied to go through correctly. Also because of the high drop height, it is easy to cause broken. SKY BM-DY series color utilize smooth and stable belt for material transmission, which not only reduces the collision of materials, but also protects materials from damage and no bounce. It is easy to identify the color difference with a much smaller carryover rate and high sorting accuracy.

Impressive Sorting Applications


Almond Accepted

Peanut Accepted

Pine nut Accepted

Cashew nut Accepted

Almond Rejected

Peanut Rejected

Pine nut Rejected

Cashew nut Rejected

Why Choose Sky Color Sorters


High Accuracy

Belt color sorter is transmitted by belt conveyor, which is smooth and stable, and does not munition. It is accurate and has a low carryover rate.

Consistent Results

By using high-quality parts from known brands like Toshiba, Altera, SMC, MW and more, SKY color sorters are capable of long time years working and delivering consistent results.

Full-Scale Technical Support

Once your machine arrives, a specific team of engineers will be assigned to your factory to take care of the installation and calibration. A free-training to your operator will be offered simultaneously.

Low Breakage Rate

The belt type carries material from one port (inlet hopper) to the other end through a conveyor. The movement is small so it can greatly reduce the breakage rate of materials.

Wide Range of Applications

Belt color sorter uses gravity to slide the material along the chute to the sorting area, which is good for products with large volume differences.


Within the one-year warranty period, if quality issues occur, spare parts for replacement to be delivered within 24H. Professional on-site repair is free.

BM Series Belt Color Sorter

SKY BM series belt color sorter with double layer track structure is specially designed for materials with high impurity and multiple colors .It can detect unwanted materials at one time. BM Belt color sorter adopt with International high-end industrial lens, each layer of sorting cabinet is equipped with upper and lower double CCD cameras to ensure high sorting accuracy .

A multi-purpose outlet system can be flexibly set without changing the outlet hopper, accepted and rejected materials can be both re-sorted. The automatic fault protection and notification function will automatically stop machine working for any emergency to effectively prevent the belt conveyer from being damaged.

BM-DY Series Belt Color Sorter

BM-DY Series Belt color sorter is specially designed for those irregular and easy-broken materials such as cashew nuts, almond, Desiccated coconut etc. The broken rate of easily broken materials can be effectively minimized.

Also BM-DY series color sorter has a remarkable performance on light material as well as high-moist materials, which can effectively solve the unsatisfied color sorting performance due to small gravity speed caused by light weight and sticky of these materials. The conveyance speed of BM-DY series belt color sorter can be up to 4m/s, which can effectively meet customers’ requirement of sorting performance as well as output capacity.

How Does It Work?

color sorter working principle