TS-V Series Color Sorter




The TS-V series adopts three-layer and four-layer with versa sorting structure, which can transport the wastes sorted by the front sorting cabinet box to the real sorting cabinet for a reverse sorting , to fulfill final sorting and stick-rejection at a time , with a more sorting accuracy,    lower breakage rate and easier operation.

The first layer and second layer can be set color or shape independent sorting as well as color + shape combination sorting mode. The third layer provides a more accurate sorting mode to meet different needs.

  • Green Tea
  • Ceylon Tea
  • Black Tea
  • White Tea
  • Dark Tea
  • Rock Tea
  • Herbal Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Yellow Tea
  • Fermented Tea
  • Pekoe
  • Puer Tea
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Utilization of Air cooling system:

By adopting this system, the problem of LED light source with high temperature, heavy energy loss, short service time during long-time working is well-solved. The air cooling system ensures an endurable light source in a constant temperature.

The Original Material-Distributing system in the industry:

The latest-designed Bridge-type material-distributor is featured with low noise, low jitter amplitude, high vibration frequency and more even sorting. Well solved the problems of uneven sorting and underproduction In the current industry.

Specially designed Nozzle:

The original self-injection nozzle and valve drive mode provides fast response and more accurate blows. Reduce the material carryover ratio and increase the output capacity. Meanwhile, air-consumption is effectively reduced by 20%.

Unique design of broadening sorting cabinet:

This design can solve the problem of partial tea-sorting caused by swirling air, increase the output and reduce the crashed rate during tea sorting.

Lighting Source:

The latest original-designed intelligent LED shadowless cold light source system design with high light-proof rate, long service life, stronger anti-interference, easier identification, easier judgment, more accurate sorting . Satisfying multiply requirements of color and shape sorting in all respects of tea.

Image acquisition system:

Customized world class industrial CCD sensor and color sorter unique camera with the function of high-definition image technology and photo collection technology , are capable of defining different color and shape in good tea. The smallest size above 0.08 mm² can enlarge the signal of small abnormal spot and tiny black dot.



Note: The parameters in the above table is based on green tea( contamination within 3%) with main external voltage of AC380/50Hz ( three-phase five wire). The indicators will vary for different materials and impurity. Specification and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

Model No. T3VS6 T4VS6
Type Three Layer with versa sorting Four Layer with versa sorting
Output Cpacity ( kg/h) <600 <800
Carryover rate( bad:good) ≥5:1 ≥5:1
Sorting Accuracy (%) ≥99 ≥99
Voltage(V/Hz) 380/50 380/50
Power(Kw) 5.5-6.5 6.8-8.6
Air pressure(MPa) 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8
Air consumption(L/min) <5000 <5400
Weight(kg) 2650 3286
(L x W x H)
2676×2530×2950 2676×2530×3432