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TM series mini Tea color sorter is specially designed for small scare tea processing merchants and home use , with small production area, flexible operation and competitive price, TM series mini color sorter is becoming more and more popular among customers from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.



  • • Green Tea
  • • Ceylon Tea
  • • Black Tea
  • • White Tea
  • • Dark Tea
  • • Rock Tea
  • • Herbal Tea
  • • Oolong Tea
  • • Yellow Tea
  • • Fermented Tea
  • • Pekoe
  • • Puer Tea


  • Mini machine easy installation and transport:

    Mini Tea color sorter compact in structure and mini in appearance. easy to install, maintain and transport.

  • Flexible application:

    Small production area with low working environment requirements and strong adaptability.

  • Easy operation:

    Intelligent man-machine interface, easy to learn and understand, especially suitable for small scare tea processing factory and home use.

  • Accurate recognition:

    Accurately identify the brown, red, yellow, cyan, white stem and other defective products in Tieguanyin tea.

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology:

    Image capturing & processing with AI tech, setting backup, mode backup & transfer available.

  • Panoramic imagery:

    International high-end industrial dedicated dual-view lens, accurate identification and dramatically improve its sorting rate.


Note: The parameters in the above table is based on green tea( contamination within 3%) with main external voltage of AC380/50Hz ( three-phase five wire). The indicators will vary for different materials and impurity . Specification and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

Model No.TM64ATM64BTM128
Output Cpacity ( kg/h)≥50≥50≥300
Sorting Accuracy (%)≥98≥99≥99
Air pressure(MPa)≥0.4≥0.4≥0.4
Air consumption(L/min)<1000<1000<1000
(L x W x H)
RM Color Sorter Specifiation

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