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The infrared technology has made the sorting performance of the color sorter more widely used. SKY GMI infrared color sorter has a sharp recognition on infrared-sensitive materials such as transparent items, plastics and non-metal particles, as well as particles of different colors, sizes, shapes and even different physical properties. It is wildly used for kinds of rice and nuts.


  • • Basmati Rice
  • • Vietnamese Rice
  • • Long-Grain Rice
  • • Thai Fragrant Rice
  • • Parboiled Rice
  • • Brown Rice
  • • Red/Black Rice
  • • Sticky Rice
  • • Jasmine Rice
  • • White Rice
  • • Sunflower seeds
  • • Shelled Peanut
  • • Almond
  • • Broad bean
  • • Pine nuts
  • • Cashew nuts
  • • Desiccated coconut
  • • Garlic cloves
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  • Innovative infrared spectrum analysis technology::

    The industry’s most advanced Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and neural network algorithms are used to perform a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the materials to be analyzed

  • Multi-spectral camera technology:

    The imported high-speed infrared sensor is used to develop a first-class multi-spectral infrared camera for real-time dynamic monitoring of materials. Combined with visible light full-color camera technology, it realizes full-band material analysis and makes foreign materials be exactly rejected out

  • High-speed near-infrared sensor:

    Real-time dynamic detection is realized by using imported high-speed infrared sensing.

  • Automatic image calibration algorithm:

    Real-time dynamic image calibration for maximum machine stability and noise immunity.

  • Real-time dynamic image calibration for maximum machine stability and noise immunity:

    Advance light source lighting technology, innovative concentrating and brightening full-band light source, comprehensively improve the color sorting accuracy of dark materials


Output ( T/H)1-21.5-32-43-64-84.5-95-106-127-169-18
Sorting accuracy(%)99.9999.9999.9999.9999.9999.9999.9999.9999.9999.99
Voltage( V/Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)220-240V(50/60Hz)
Power( KW)0.7-1.20.95-1.61.5-2.51.8-32.3-2.82.5-4.22.8-4.63-53.2-5.43.6-6.1
Weight( kg)270460650840103012201350151018502190
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