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GM Series RGB Color Sorter adopts the latest one key intelligent operation system; Operators are available to set the area of the material color, shape, size and defect by themselves and confirm the rejected material. Thus machine can automatically set the sorting solution of the material according to the independent calculating, intelligent recognition and intelligent sorting principles with one key intelligent control technology.

GM Series RGB Color Sorter machine can be wildly used to sort kinds of beans and grains


  • • Corn
  • • Wheat
  • • Millet
  • • Maize
  • • Sorghum
  • • Peanut
  • • Oat
  • • Quinoa
  • • Garlic
  • • White cowpeas
  • • Pigeon pea
  • • Raisin
  • • Black bean
  • • Soybean
  • • Red bean
  • • Myotonin
  • • Kidney bean
  • • Lima bean
  • • Chickpea
  • • Coffee bean
  • • Lentils
  • • Chana Dal
  • • Mung Dal


  • Intelligent visual image capture system:

    International high-end full-color line scanning technology, DSP+FPGA international leading edge processing technology, color and shape combined sorting mode with complex algorithms, specially designed for corns and wheat. One-time removal of corn spots, moldy grains, coke paste, insect holes, black spots, etc.

  • Independent development Ejection system:

    Independent intellectual property rights, self-developed color sorting machine special solenoid valve, special high-strength material, strong suction, no residual magnetism, linear airflow, high precision, high consistency, greatly reducing the ratio of take-off; frequency up to 1200Hz per second, with a fastest response time within 0.6s and 5-10 billion times service life.

  • Intelligent LED light control system:

    It can adjust the brightness of the LED automatically according to the material sorting requirements and environments changing due to advanced digital step less automatic LED light adjustment technology. The best sorting performance will be achieved.

  • Intelligent visual image capture system:

    With powerful automatic original calculation processing technology, multi dimension and space large-scale calculation, intelligent super brain recognition and image recognition. The machine can learn the algorithm to correct and improve the distortion of the image which caused by the optical error during the image collection so that it can realize the self-adaptive calculation and fulfill high accuracy sorting requirements.

  • Intelligent air curtain dust-remove system:

    The high-speed air flow generated by the intelligent air curtain system can rapidly remove the dust on the glass before cameras in real-time to ensure the resolution and sorting accuracy and improve the machine sorting efficiency.


Note: The Parameters in the table above is based on the sticky rice f( contamination within 2%) . The indicators will vary for different materials and impurity . Specification and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

Model No.GM 1GM 2GM 5GM 7GM 8GM 10
Capacity (t/h)1~1.51~23~54~75~86~10
Sorting Accuracy≥99.9%≥99.9%≥99.9%≥99.9%≥99.9%≥99.9%
240V 50/60Hz
240V 50/60Hz
240V 50/60Hz
240V 50/60Hz
240V 50/60Hz
240V 50/60Hz
Air pressure(MPa)0.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
Air consumption(㎥/min)≤1.0≤2.0≤2.0≤4.0≤5.0≤5.5
(L x W x H)
RM Color Sorter Specifiation

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