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BM-DY Series Belt Color Sorter

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BM-DY Series Belt color sorter is specially designed for those irregular and easy-broken materials such as cashew nuts, almond, Desiccated coconut etc. The broken rate of easily broken materials can be effectively minimized.

Also BM-DY series color sorter has a remarkable performance on light material as well as high-moist materials, which can effectively solve the unsatisfied color sorting performance due to small gravity speed caused by light weight and sticky of these materials. The conveyance speed of BM-DY series belt color sorter can be up to 4m/s, which can effectively meet customers’ requirement of sorting performance as well as output capacity.


  • • Unshelled Peanut
  • • Shelled Peanut
  • • Almond
  • • Broad bean
  • • Pine nuts
  • • Dehydrated Garlic
  • • Cashew nuts
  • • Garlic cloves
  • • Peeled Garlic
  • • Green Chili
  • • Red Chili
  • • Desiccated coconut


  • Application of Air-cooling system:

    The application of air-cooling system well solved the problems of high temperature, heavy energy loss and short service life- all of which were caused by longtime utilization of an LED light source, ensuring the durability of an LED light under a constant temperature.

  • Exclusive designed self-injection nozzle and valve drive mode:

    Which can well reduce air blowing resistance and reduce air consumption. Results to a faster response time, more accurate ejection, much smaller carryover ratio and large output.

  • Image Processing System :

    With full color scanning technology, DSP+FPGA processing technology as well as complex algorithm of multiple modes combined with color and shape, this system enables function of color & shape sorting depending on customer need.

  • Unique air-suction and ventilation system:

    The utilization of the air-suction and ventilation system can help to clear away dust and floats in the material, ensuring a higher resolution of lens and a more accurate sorting.

  • Double Layer Outlet Sorting Mode:

    A multi-purpose outlet system can be flexibly set without changing the outlet hopper, accepted and rejected materials can be both re-sorted according to customers need.


Layer No.SingleSingleSingleSingleDoubleDoubleDoubleDouble
Output ( T/H)1-1.52.5-33-44-63-44-65-76-8
Carryover ( Bad:Good)≥15:1≥15:1≥15:1≥15:1≥15:1≥15:1≥15:1≥15:1
Accuracy ( %)≥99≥99≥99≥99≥99≥99≥99≥99
Voltage( V/Hz)220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz
Power( KW)0.7-1.21-1.61.5-21.6-2.63-43.2-5.43.6-63.6-6.5
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